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“Take Five”

In this classy scene from the film Constantine (2005), the velvety sound of  Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five”  is used as background, diagetic music. I wonder what prompted director Francis Lawrence to place this smooth, jazz tune in an action/adventure film where Keanu eventually gives Satan the finger?

One thing’s for sure,  the jazz adds a certain warmth to the scene;  it creates a relaxing and casual atmosphere, like that found in a coffee shop. However, the placidity of the jazz directly contrasts the violence of the subject matter being discussed within the scene –  Beeman is displaying his unique assortment of weapons to Constantine, weapons that will eventually help Constantine kick some demon ass.

Though…..I gotta admit, shooting the “Dragon’s Breath” looks way cooler/classier/sexier when it’s being accompanied by a smooth saxophone in the background.

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